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Our website will assist you in choosing the attorney best suited to serve your legal needs. We are dedicated to providing legal counsel that is both excellent and efficient. Our legal team’s strength is threefold:



Jürgens Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft offers its clients the competence of twenty years of experience in trial law and the provision of legal counsel. We guarantee our clients legal assistance that is in-depth and tailored to their individual legal needs. Personalized legal support is essential to an efficient legal representation in the courtroom and other settings. Detailed information on our professional experience is found in the individual attorney portraits under “Attorneys.”



Jürgens Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft is focused on serving the legal needs of specific client groups. Business persons, medical professionals, public agencies, and investors profit from our specialization in the areas of labor and employment law, medical malpractice, public liability law, and real estate law. Private individuals benefit from our bar-certified specialization in the areas of family and inheritance law.



Jürgens Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft sets high standards for its legal services, providing counsel that is personal, committed, and effective. The best solution is often not to be found in the courtroom, but rather at the negotiating table. Determined, practical, and independent, we are dedicated to achieving an optimal outcome for our clients in both settings.


After your visit to our website, we invite you to contact our office to arrange an appointment for an introductory consultation. Only then will you know if you have found the attorney deserving of your trust ("Contact").


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